The Vector is designed from scratch as a no-compromise solution for those who want speed, power, and comfort all in one ebike!
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The Vector Light is designed for urban jungles as no-compromise solution for those who want speed, power, and comfort all in one e-bike! We have spent thousands hours on developing our e-bikes taking into account thoughts of more than 100 test riders over two years! The final point was to create an e-bike that will bring feeling of satisfaction every time you ride it!

Driving modes.

We know that your local law can limit your maximum speed and power to ride legally. For this case we developed Vector Light! It has 250W nominal power and 25km/h speed limit. With weight under 25kg and range 100km in Boost mode it is perfect solution for urban commuting! Bike has 3 lvl of Pedal Assist System, backlit display, front light powered from battery and comfortable full suspension frame for riding on any type of surface!

No more sweating riding to work!

You can pedal, use pedal assist system and let the engine help you as much as you set it. Fully legal you can use it anywhere you can ride on bicycle. With a maximum speed of motor of 25km/h (for EU) you can get anywhere faster!


You can reach up to 100 km/60mi of range with a single charge with average speed of 25kmph.


Vector Light e-bike has no drag when you cruising downhill to be as much efficient in city as it is possible. With 1kWh battery you have 100km range on a single charge so you don’t need to charge your bike after every ride and you can travel further then before!
Hydraulic brakes with 203 mm rotors provide maximum stopping-power on your demand. E-brakes cut off power from the motor same moment you use front or rear brake for extra safety!


Range of travel is no more an issue. All Vector bikes models can be re-charged from 0 to 100 percent in 60 minutes – from a standard 110V / 220V outlet.


A battery consists of 100 separate Li-Ion Panasonic 18650 PF cells, providing the best weight/capacity/discharge current ratio. With a weight of only 4.9kg it is providing 1 kWh of energy! The battery can handle more than 600 charging that in average takes 3-4 years.

The battery can be replaced by the new one. The BMS system keeps tracking every cell and checks voltage, current and temperature.

The BMS monitors 5 temperatures within the battery.BMS protect battery from overcharging, overdischarging, short cirquits, overheating, and do it 4 times per second! Each battery goes through serias of quality tests and cheked for overcharging/discharging protection as well as vibration testing before it will be installed on the bike!

The chassis and rear swingarm are made out of high-grade, high-tensile steel. All stressed-parts are FEM analyzed and stress-tested on benches. Frame is well protected against the watter, so rain or riding in wet conditions will not stop you!


Eco-mode power: 250 Watt for EU (legal e-bike speed limit)
Eco-mode top-speed: 25 kph for EU (legal e-bike speed limit)
Range: up to 100 km / 120mi (without pedaling on 25km/h with 1 kWh battery)
Battery capacity: 1 kWh (standard)
Weight: 24 kg
Recharge time: 120 min from 0 to 100%. 60 min with fast charger.


Capacity: 1 kWh
Chemistry: Lithium Ion Panasonic PF cells
Nominal voltage: 36V 29 Ah
Smart BMS
Cell-voltage monitoring
Cell-temperature monitoring
Balancing State-of-Charge calculation
Low-voltage protection High-voltage protection
Temperature protection
SoC protection


High strength steel
Composite body panels
FEM modeled structure
Max load 150kg. 200kg load safety tested.


Motor: Geared drive with Neodymium magnets 250w bafang.
Gears: 7 gear.


Preload / Rebound / Adjust High Pressure

Rear suspension Burner 2, 650lbs/850lbs spring 

24” front double wall rim, aluminium 24” rear double wall rim, aluminium


Seatpost: 30.6mm
Handlebar: 31,8 mm
Headset: 1 ⅛”
Break set: Tektro hydraulic brakes with 203mm rotor front and rear with motor cut off option.

Vector Electric Bikes | Mature mechanical solutions combined with the advanced technology of electric components and more customer choices make the Vector
E-bike one step ahead of everyone else. Vector is e-bike without compromise.
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